Cleaning Hacks

When cleaning, I prefer to opt for natural alternatives to commercial-grade cleaners where possible, as I often don’t like the smell of store-bought cleaners and prefer to find non-toxic options that may do just as good of a job. Below are some cleaning hacks that I have found to be really helpful additions to my deep-cleaning routine!

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Car Favorites

Nowadays, many of us spend multiple hours a day inside our cars: commuting to work and running errands, going on road trips, and visiting family & friends. In striving to make my car rides as comfortable as possible, here are a few items I use that make my driving experience smoother and my car more organized.

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Travel Finds

It can always be tricky to remember what to bring for any given trip. I find myself often bringing the following items with me as they help me get more organized with what to pack.

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Dorm Finds

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