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It can always be tricky to remember what to bring for any given trip. I find myself often bringing the following items with me as they help me get more organized with what to pack.

Small but spacious, this weekender bag also doubles as a gym bag. It has a bottom compartment for shoes and accessories, a spacious main compartment, a USB charging port to conveniently charge your phone on the go, and a special strap to securely attach it to a luggage handle. It also has a wet pocket, making it the perfect gym bag as well.

This UV toothbrush sanitizer not only covers the toothbrush when not in use, but it also automatically sanitizes it in under 5 minutes! I like that it is rechargeable, and comes with a lightweight holder to keep the toothbrush upright and away from the bathroom counter.

I find it important to have water in my purse or bag wherever I go in case there isn’t any around, and this water bottle is the perfect shape for taking along all of the time. It’s rectangular and flat, and hence it fits perfectly inside a tote, backpack, or weekender bag.

This makeup bag is spacious and perfect for a weekend or week-long trip beauty essentials: it has a makeup brush compartment that keeps them clean and in good shape, and even though it’s a smaller compartment, there’s also room left over for makeup at the bottom.

This aluminum vitamin & pill organizer comes in 8 detachable pieces that can be combined in any order depending on the number of days of the trip. You can take the whole container for a longer trip or rearrange it to only few compartments for a shorter trip.

This portable kettle is lightweight and can be stored in a carry-on on the plane, bus or train. It quickly boils water and has a steam filtration top, so it never gets hot when boiling water.

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