Sunrise & Sunset Alarm Clock

In my personal experience, fathers can be very difficult to shop for. My father in particular never seems to need or want anything. I therefore decided to come up with a list of gifts that could come in handy for fathers, or items that are unique enough for fathers to enjoy/be pleasantly surprised by.

3 in 1 Charger
3 in 1 Charger

This 3 in 1 Charger is sleek and compact. It can wirelessly charge a smartphone, earbuds and an iWatch. It also folds flat, making it convenient to travel with!

Alarm Clock
Alarm clock

This Sunset and Sunrise Alarm Clock imitates natural light. You can set it to play music or radio, as it wakes you up with its sunrise, or soothing sounds as you wind down with its sunset. It can also be used as a table lamp, a speaker/radio, and it offers guided breathing exercises

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