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Upon moving to a new apartment, I promised myself to make an extra effort to keep things neat and organized. It’s been a lot of fun finding products that work well in the new space, so without further ado here are some of my favorite finds for keeping the bedroom organized!

Jewellery Box
Jewellery Box

This jewelry box is transparent, making it easy to see my favorite pieces right away, and its velvet interior allows the pieces to be damage and scratch-free when not in use.
The box consists of 3 drawers, and many removable velvet dividers, therefore each drawer can be easily adjusted to the size of the jewelry pieces. I also love having a box, rather than a jewelry stand, as it makes it so much easier to keep the jewelry clean and dust-free.

Drawer divider

This HoneyComb organizer is fully customizable to the size of the drawer. It’s made up of dividers that easily snap together, and can be built up or broken down to the desired width. You can also cut them down to the appropriate length – if your drawers are on the shallow end. I use them mostly for socks and underwear, but they can also be used for ties, watches and even organizing makeup and office supplies. I also love the bamboo dividers as they create a nice separation in any drawer, and can be expanded or retracted to the needed size. They’re perfect for separating kitchen utensils as well.

Space saving hanger
Space saving hanger

These Space Saving Hangers are so helpful for smaller or limited closet spaces! You can hang five garments on each, and then release one of its ends so that it hangs vertically, saving 5 times the space. You can also pick up and hang clothes on it while it is hanging vertically.

Bag hanger

This bag hanger is also a great space saver! Its 4 handles are wide and rotate 360 degrees to comfortably store both small and large bags.

EZ shelf
EZ shelf

I always like to get items that are versatile and multi-functional, and this 4-in-1 charger is the epitome of that! The EZVALO charger not only wirelessly charges the phone, but it’s also a portable, 4-brightness night lamp, a bluetooth speaker (with song and volume control) and a phone holder all in one. I also like that it’s white and goes well with the rest of my decor. 

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